Leitrim County Development Board with Fermanagh Local Strategy Partnership
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Social Services - Fermanagh

NICEM annual meeting

Health and Personal Social Services in Northern Ireland are provided as an integrated service.

The Western Health and Social Service Board has the duty of identifying health and social care needs and ensuring that services are provided to meet these needs.

The Western Health and Social Service Council has the duty of monitoring health and personal social services. The council advises the public about services. They also advise on how services might be improved.

Sperrin Lakeland Health and Social Care Trust serves three District Council areas, Omagh, Fermanagh and about one third of Strabane. The Trust delivers health and social care to approximately 120,000 people spread across 1,000 square miles in some of Northern Ireland's most remote and marginal rural areas. Fewer than a third of the population live in the two large towns of Omagh and Enniskillen, the remainder living in smaller towns and villages and in the open countryside. It provides a full range of health and social services in Fermanagh.

Social Security Agency (SSA) Northern Ireland operates the same Social Security System as the rest of the United Kingdom. This Social Security is designed to provide financial help for those who are unemployed, sick, disabled, on low incomes or generally in need of financial support. There are currently over 30 different types of benefit schemes available.

The Social Security Agency’s (SSA) main business is to:

- assess and pay social security benefits accurately and securely;

- give advice and information about these benefits;

- handle reviews and appeals;

- prevent and detect benefit fraud, prosecute offenders and recover any benefit which has been paid incorrectly;

- recover benefit which has been paid in compensation cases; and

- assess people’s financial circumstances if they are applying for legal aid.

NICEM (Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities) is a voluntary sector membership umbrella organisation working on behalf of ethnic minorities in Northern Ireland. NICEM aims to:

§ Identify and respond to the needs of minority ethnic communities;

§ Provide training for potential leaders from within minority ethnic communities;

§ Raise awareness and understanding of individual and institutional discrimination on the grounds of ethnic origin, nationality and race;

§ Promote democratic and participative models of organisation;

Promote the interests of minority ethnic communities facing social injustice